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FSearch is a promising new file search utility for the Linux desktop, inspired by the Everything Search Engine tool for Windows.

“[Everything Search Engine] provides instant results as you type for all your files and lots of useful features (regex, filters, bookmarks, …). On Linux however I couldn’t find anything that’s even remotely as fast and powerful,” the developer, Christian Boxdörfer, writes on the project’s official webpage.

Designed For Advanced Users

Before creating yet-another-file-search tool Christian tried out a slate of the most popular desktop search tools he could find for Linux, ranging from recoll to MATE Search Tool to the search capabilities built in the Nautilus file manager. His aim was ‘to find out whether it makes sense to improve those, instead of building a completely new application’.

Ultimately, he concluded that the sort of tool he wanted to build was for advanced users, not the novice trying to find a misplaced selfie or MP3 file.

Such an app needs to be a truly standalone solution, one not part of nor dependant on any specific file manager or desktop environment. It should be written in a language with good performance and have low memory usage.

The result is FSearch, a GTK+3 desktop app currently in development, but offering the following features:

  • Instant (as you type) results
  • RegEx support
  • Filter support (files, folders or everything)
  • Fast sort by filename, path, size or modification time
  • Customizable interface


A new beta release is now available.

You can try an alpha build of FSearch by installing the following alpha build on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (64-bit) or later:

Download FSearch 0.1 (Alpha)

Please do keep in mind that is it not “release quality” software. You may encounter bugs, missing features and/or interface quirks while using it.

Any issues you encounter should be reported on the FSearch Github page.